Lyra in 2 Minutes and RE+ 2022

Nate Phillips on April 15th 2022

Design & Download a Fully Engineered Permit Package in 2 Minutes

Watch a permit package be instantly generated in under 2 minutes. These have a 99% AHJ success rate.

We intended to just include a 2 minute video of a permit package instantly downloading, but we ended up with a full 9 minute demo of designing a project and instantly downloading a permit package.

We wanted to be sure you had a quick way to see Lyra in action, so we put together this short 9 minute demo.

We'll cover three main things during these 9 minutes:

  • Project designed
  • Project engineered
  • Permit package generated

All in 9 minutes. Imagine doing that 50 or more times in a day with packages that are AHJ accepted.

Lyra at RE+ 2022

We'll also be at the RE+ Atlanta, RE+ Anaheim, and the RE+ Florida shows this year. Find us on the floor plan and stop by our booth and download a fully engineered permit package in 9 minutes on your own.


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