The Dawn of Lyra — The Future of PV System Design and Permitting

Derek Mitchell on August 7th 2019


We started our company a decade ago when the PV energy revolution was just getting its legs under it. We believed then, that making residential solar power ubiquitous would lead to a more fair and sustainable energy economy. We still believe that today.

We felt we could play an important role in this revolution. One way for us to help was to make it easy for contractors and installers to design PV systems. We also wanted to reduce the headaches associated with generating permit packages. So we built an app, SolarDesignTool, to do both of those things.

A Decade of Experience

Since then, over 1 million designs have been created using our Solar Design Tool. The residential solar sector has become a quickly growing global industry. Solar isn’t yet on every home, but it’s gaining traction. According to SEIA’s SolarMarket Insight Report, “In Q1 2019, the U.S. solar market surpassed 2 million installations – just three years after the market surpassed the 1 million installation milestone. The industry is expected to hit 3 million installations in 2021 and 4 million installations in 2023.”

Ten years is a long time in the world of technology. Over the years we’ve made improvements to the tool, heard lots of suggestions, identified new features we wanted to add, experienced changes in the market, and saw the emergence of technology that let us do things we couldn’t do before. We’ve been itching to make these changes available and now it’s time.

Advancing Our Cause

After months of development we’re proud to announce Lyra—the next evolution in PV system design and permit package generation.

Lyra’s more than a name change. It’s an acknowledgement that the Lyra tool is a radical leap forward in creating PV system designs and generating ready-to-submit permit packages. We took everything we’ve learned, leveraged the latest technological advances, and put months of work into creating a new tool designed to help make residential solar energy ubiquitous. The new product features are designed to make designing PV systems amazingly fast (under 2-minutes!), allow you to generate a permit package yourself with one click, and help you manage your crew.


Just Over The Horizon

We’re currently adding finishing touches and putting the app through its paces. When it launches, we think you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.

We are grateful to the thousands of people who have made Solar Design Tool an integral part of their business. We wouldn’t be here without your support. We’re excited to provide you with an even better tool in the form of Lyra.