Announcing Lyra:

The Next Evolution in PV System Design and Permitting

Create a residential solar design and generate a permit package in as little as 15 minutes.

Benefits of using Lyra

Generate a ready-to-submit solar permit package with one click. Every interaction is designed to be fast and simple. Lyra is so easy to use that any experienced solar professional can jump in without any training.

Proposal-ready PV system designs in as little as 2 minutes
Solar permit packages as low as $49. The more permit packages you generate, the lower your cost
Unlimited free permit package revisions
100% money-back AHJ acceptance guarantee

Smooth Out Your Workflow 

Save time generating ready-to-submit permit packages


Custom PV system design

Create just what you need to make the sale, from a simple preliminary design for a proposal to a down-to-the-component level permit-ready design. 

  • Trace over aerial imagery 
  • Generate system datasheets
  • Download bills of materials

Generate permit packages yourself

Generate a permit package from the design with the click of a button. Seriously. it’s that easy. 

  • Save time and lower costs
  • Reduce process complexity and overhead
  • Powerful tool for national contractors and local installers 

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