Solar-Plus-Storage, ESS Now Available

Nate Phillips on August 29th 2022

This past week, we’ve been rolling out support in the Lyra Platform for home solar plus energy storage, starting with the most common Enphase IQ Battery self-consumption and partial home backup configurations. Our goal at Lyra is to make designing and permitting solar projects - with or without home energy storage systems - simple, fast, and accurate. With Lyra you can now design select energy storage systems in a few minutes and generate a full permit package with the click of a button.

With the advent of home energy storage systems in Lyra, the residential solar industry gets a whole new view on simplifying the design and permitting process, in house or third party, for solar-plus-storage home energy solutions.

ESS Features

Currently, Lyra supports the Enphase IQ™ Battery 3 and 10 all-in-one AC storage systems*.


Lyra now supports Enphase energy storage in a self-consumption configuration. This maximizes the on-site consumption of generated PV energy, but lacks backup capabilities in the event the grid becomes unavailable. IQ Battery 3 and IQ Battery 10 configurations with up to 20.16 kWh of usable capacity can be added to the PV design with an IQ Combiner.

Partial Home Backup

Lyra’s first phase of support for Enphase partial home backup will allow customers to create PV + ESS designs for the IQ6, IQ7, and IQ8 microinverter systems with up to (2) IQ Battery 10s. The setup will include a System Controller 2 and a protected loads panel. Lyra will automatically limit the PV-to-ESS ratio as required by Enphase if using an IQ6/7 microinverter. Additionally, Lyra will automatically re-wire the power supply circuit of the IQ Gateway that is inside the IQ Combiner to the System Controller’s busbar.

How to Add Enphase IQ Battery to a Design

After selecting an Enphase microinverter, Lyra will provide a list of supported ESS and backup configurations. The user will then select a configuration option and continue as normal to the stringing step. Then in the electrical balance-of-system design step, if the selected ESS configuration provides backup power, Lyra will prompt the user to provide some details about the protected loads panel. From there, the user will just continue as normal through two more steps and then click the button to generate and download the permit package.

To see more steps in how to add an energy storage system, see the Adding An Energy Storage System how-to in our Help Center.

Here's a Quick view of Lyra in Action

Lyra at RE+ 2022

We'll be at RE+ Anaheim and the RE+ Florida shows this year. Find us on the floor plan and stop by our booth and download a fully engineered permit package in just a few minutes on your own.