Lyra Platform Updates: June 22

Nate Phillips on June 22nd 2022


Design files can now be uploaded and included in the permit package. Design files are documents such as equipment elevation drawings, array elevation drawings/details, load calculations, panel upgrade details, equipment datasheets, or other certifications that Lyra may not include automatically but are required by your AHJ. These files are project-specific and will only appear in the project to which you upload them.

Learn more about how to include design files in your permit package here.


We've added a number of API integrations to make generating permit packages even faster.

  1. The utility company will automatically be selected when creating the project.
  2. The AHJ will automatically be selected when creating the project.
  3. We've partnered with Ironridge to automatically populate the maximum rail spans for projects that use Ironridge mounting. Previously this feature was available to projects using ASCE 7-16, but we’ve expanded it to include ASCE 7-10.

See our Maximum Rail Span Values help article for more information.

Other items

Bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements to increase speed and stability

Support for IFC 2021

Utility-specific options and verbiage for certain utilities including:

  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Florida Power & Light
  • Tampa Electric
  • Lee County Electric Coop.
  • Duke Energy
  • Xcel Energy

Other notable updates:

  • Production estimates will update for preliminary documents after generating the initial document
  • PV System Disconnect will be labeled as “PV AC Disconnect” on the SLD when Florida Power & Light, Tampa Electric, or Lee County Electric Coop are selected as utility
  • Improvements to the attachment plan to make the attachment points more visible when the roof type is standing seam.
  • “Electric Shock Hazard” placard will be included as required.
  • All protrusions will be shown even if the roof face doesn’t have solar.
  • Wyoming will default to 2021 I-codes and support for IFC 2021 (released June 10th but not announced).

Visit the Help Center for more tips, tricks, and how to's.